• Product Design

    Based on understanding circuits, manufacturing process, and the whole workflow of production, we try to propose the optimized design, to meet with the client needs and project purpose. Aesthetic is the basic thing, in sure.

    • - Design Concept Generation
    • - Form and Shape Design
    • - 2D/3D CAD Modeling

  • Prototyping and Manufaturing

    For product developing companies, realization is more important than designing concepts. We offer hardware prototyping service using CNC, 3D Printers, laser cutters, etc. Also, close partnership with factories worldwide helps your project to be realized.

    • - 3D Printing
    • - CNC Milling
    • - Manufacture Support

  • Circuit Design and PCB work

    From the very first stage to manufacturing process, we offer circuit design and PCB work service. Using AVR(MCU)s, the early stage startups or companies can test that their concept works well or not, and can develop the complete circuit into PCB, with our artwork service.

    • - Circuit Prototyping
    • - Circuit Design
    • - PCB Artwork

  • Brand Identity System

    We get brand identity "clues" from brand history, heritage, and the most used expressions: BI should express the essence of the brand. Inheriting the brand assets and keeping brand values, we focus to reform brand identity with modern styles.

    • - Brand Concept Generation
    • - BI / CI Design
    • - BI System Design

  • Graphic User Interface

    The bigger screens and monitors around us, the more important Graphic user interface(GUI) is. Based on understanding user experience, we propose the most proper user interface design as which values each project pursues, beyond comfort or convenience.

    • - Web Design / Publishing
    • - Screen Design
    • - Reflective Web

  • Printed Material Design

    Packaging is an important part of marketing for hardware manufacturers, so we support package design to make business achieve their goal in market. Also, printed outputs such as leaflets, user guide, or any other printed advertisements are in service.

    • - Package Design
    • - Printed Outputs

  • Creator, Business Startup Mentoring

    Especially for hardware startups, we offers consultation about process, cost, and know-how for manufacturing their ideal products including guidance in product design. As the accelerated companies by us, are becoming new clients for us, so we do our best to help early stage companies succeed in market.

    • - Creator Education
    • - Startup Consultation
    • - Business Accelerating

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